Application Form



  1. Should any of the information supplied herein change, please advise your branch office or the national office immediately in writing, otherwise these changes will not be effected.
  2. Membership fees are NOT subject to VAT and are quoted excluding VAT.
  3. 3. A pro-rata fee (based on each completed quarter) is payable by members joining during the organisation’s financial year.
  4. Membership fees must accompany this application form. For queries as to the exact amount due contact the SABTACO secretariat. In the event that membership is rejected for any reason, the fees will be refunded without delay. Invoices will be supplied on confirmation of acceptance and a membership number will be provided.
  5. Membership is automatically renewed on an annual basis as from 1 January each year.
  6. In the event that a member wishes to terminate membership, three month’s notice of such intention should be given to the Secretariat in writing. The member, however, remains liable for payment of the fees up to the date of such termination. The amount payable shall be determined on a quarterly basis or portion thereof.
  7. The following documents must accompany this application, copy of Identity Document or Passport, Proof of qualification and copy of registration certificate of respective discipline.



Students: R 50.00 per annum

Membership fee:
Once off payment for all new members excluding students R 100.00

Subscription fee:
For individual members - renewal annually R 250.00 per annum

For registration of practices - renewal annually R 2 000.00 per annum

Note: To register a practice, all PDI directors must first register as individual members


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